Artists Statement

Micaela de Vivero
From Tourist Series (Minorities fit the profile)
A boundary is not that at which something stops but, as the Greeks recognized, the boundary is that from which something begins its presencing.
Martin Heidegger, Building, dwelling, thinking

I am a sculptor and work creating objects that have a seductive quality. The objects I create are empty, light, translucent forms that resemble my search for looking beyond what is obvious. My work is a commentary on the obscenity or total visibility of the world we live today, reflected in the media, politics, advertising and sometimes even art. I create surfaces, membranes, screens, borders, skins and wrappings that talk about boundaries, differences and similarities. I have been using these surfaces to make sculptures that create poetics. Some of these sculptures have more recognizable forms like torsos, traffic cones or dresses, and others have more abstract forms like vessels or drops. They are displayed in groups or multiplicities in the form of installations. Their ethereal quality makes them have a stronger emotional and visual impact, as does their gathering. I build interior and exterior spaces within the object, but also within the installation. My pieces show a skin that you have left, which is the wrapping of something; it covers it, but makes it desirable at the same time. In my work an installation is a set of special relations between the objects, the space and the viewer, by becoming part of the work. This complicity with the viewer is my tactic to address my audience.
I also work with the concept of performance art. In my actual work in progress Tourist Series I am using T-shirts as found objects with hand embroidered text to comment on power relations and social structures, based on the use of the body as supporting surface.
The T-shirts are found objects taken from popular culture and I add text to it, another practice in popular culture. The text is embroidered by hand, giving importance to the manufacturing within the artistic practice, but on an industrialized support. The text dialogues with the space in front of which it is photographed, but it camouflages behind the common tourist photograph. How many times has either one of us asked some passer by to take a picture of ourselves in front of a specific sightseeing?
The use of rubber wristbands that are related in color and text to one of each T-shirt, shows once again my intention of appropriation of issues from the popular culture. The chance for the public to participate by choosing some of the wristbands talks about what affiliations he or she takes. I am interested in appropriating systems of functioning within society.
My work has been exhibited in Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, the USA, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, Bulgaria and Armenia.
Micaela Almeida de Vivero